Overwintered Nucs Update

Nucs and colonies have, so far, come through the Winter months well.   We don’t want to be ‘counting our chickens before they hatched’ yet as March is a critical month for the bees and the weather can be good, but also cold and wet.    Today was a nice sunny start so a good opportunity to peek under the lids and check for food stores.   We liked what we saw but it is still too cold and too early to be doing proper inspections and removing frames.
Feb nucs

Currently, we have pencilled in collections and deliveries for the end of April:


for both nucs and Queens but we have said, it all depends on the weather over the next 4-5 weeks.   End of April is a safe bet as I think I remember only 1 year in the past 20 years where they were later than that before they were ready.   If they are ready sooner, then we will be letting everyone know.   I know many of you are starting to get excited about your bees arriving, don’t worry, we are looking after them :)

We overwintered hundreds more nucs this Winter compared to last in our continuing effort of trying not to run out of nucs each year before April.   Because of this we do still have overwintered nucs available for sale, however they are going fast so be quick if you still would like a nuc for Spring.


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