Now booking in bee collections

bee week
we are now booking in everyone who has placed an order for overwintered nucs and colonies.    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY EVERYTHING BELOW:

We will be contacting you via Email to arrange a day for you to collect or have the bees delivered if you prefer.   We will follow up with a phone call if you do not have email or we have not heard from you.   Please reply back to the email rather than phoning in.   we have 100s of orders to book in and emails are far easier to keep track of.

For collections:
You can collect any day from Tuesday 25th April onwards (expect Sundays) and you can choose any day that suits you best.   collection is between 9am-5pm.   If you know roughly when you will arrive, please let us know as it will help us look after the bees while they wait for your arrival.   For those how have paid deposit only, you can settle on collection or you can pay beforehand, just let me know you would like to do this when you get your email.   Also if there is any equipment you need at the same time, again, let me know and i can get it ready for you.   On hot sunny days (yes, British weather does give us some) or if you have a journey longer than a few hours, a bottle of water is recommended so you can keep the bees hydrated during the journey.      A bee suit should not be required as the bees will be securely closed up before you get here but carrying one in your vehicle is perhaps a good idea, just in case.   The bees can go in the boot of the car or the back seat but please make sure you have made enough space to  put them somewhere.   Collections are from Paynes Bee Farm ltd, Wickham Hill, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9NP

For deliveries:
we always recommend collecting bees as it give us a chance to run through instructions on what to do when you take them home but sometimes we are just too far away.   Deliveries are sent at your risk!    they are sent on a pre-9am delivery to minimise transit times for the bees.   When you get the booking email, just let us know that you want them delivered.   delivery days are Tuesday-Friday, we can not do weekends or Mondays.    Payment for delivery and any other final payments will need to be settled ASAP.

A Final Note:

Again, please reply to the email you get rather than phoning.  We have 100s of orders to get booked in and it is easier to track when emailed.   Please also bear in mind i will reply as soon as possible as i work through the booking in process – BUT i will reply to you to confirm dates.


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